DS pilot group photo on ramp at Taif JanFeb91_Fotor

The February 2021 edition of COMBAT AIRCRAFT magazine marks the 30th anniversary of Desert Storm. I have contributed a seven-page article that describes the U-2’s important role in the conflict. I enjoyed gathering some new first-hand accounts for the story.

It was a time of transition for the Dragon Lady, from the Cold War to what would become known as Expeditionary Warfare. The prototype Senior Span satellite relay system was introduced, and the first mobile ground stations were deployed. ‘Dynamic retasking’ came of age. For the first time in 20 years, U-2 pilots faced ‘real’ threats from surface-to-air missiles and interceptor aircraft.

You can buy this edition of the magazine from Key Publishing’s website at

2 thoughts on “THE U-2 IN DESERT STORM

  1. Thanks, Chris; This is the identical photo of the one hanging in my study which was sent to me, back at Beale, during the ‘Storm’ by the pilots under my command as the 99th SRS/CC. Up to this point, I had never seen so many pressure suits in one picture!


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