66721 + CP at Blackbird Air Park May17

The Flight Test Historical Foundation (FTHF) is seeking sponsors for the U-2D that it maintains at the Blackbird Air Park, Palmdale, CA. That’s me in front of the jet in the photo above, holding a copy of 50 YEARS OF THE U-2.

The FTHF is the nonprofit organization that preserves the history of Edwards AFB, and is creating a new museum outside the gate, so that it is accessible to all.

This aircraft is 56-6721 (Article 388) which was delivered in 1957 as a U-2A to the USAF’s 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. It famously made a forced landing at Cortez airport in Colorado in 1959 with Major Mike Hua of the ROCAF at the controls.

It was repaired and modified with the second cockpit for an observer that was required for the operation of infrared radiation detectors being tested as part of the Missile Detection and Alarm System (MIDAS) satellite program. It spent the rest of its flying life at Edwards AFB until being retired in 1978.

Contributions are tax-deductable. For more details, visit the FTHF website: and contact the general manager Rebecca Reeder by email:

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