I need your help to produce another book about the Dragon Lady. But this time, my role will only be that of editor. YOU will be the authors.

I seek your personal reminiscences for DRAGON TALES – PERSONAL STORIES OF THE U-2 SPYPLANE. There are so many interesting stories out there, most of which have never been collected and made available to a wider audience. The hazards of flying this unusual jet; the exceptional efforts to maintain her; the rigours of deployment. Funny incidents, security snafus; strange orders, and so on.

Please note: I also want to include stories from maintainers, PSD, intel types, contractors and others associated with the jet. Not just commanders and pilots.

The probable layout will take 500 words per page, and that would be the maximum length for contributions. But I can include shorter stories by grouping them two or more to a page. IMPORTANT: I need a photo of your handsome self, preferably from the same time as the story.

I will edit your efforts and send them back for your approval. Please supply a telephone number in case I need to contact you for clarifications. If you insist, we can do an interview instead. Preferably via Skype.

I have already contacted some of you about this project, and collected a few stories. I will be in touch again, as soon as possible.

I planned to publish this book to coincide with the Dragon Lady Association reunion next October. As you may know, that is now postponed, thanks to the dreaded virus. But I reckon that the pandemic has left many of you with some extra time on your hands.

So come on, guys and gals. Let me hear from you! Send your stories or suggestions by email to



  1. Great idea I used concept in my final ed of Silent Heroes as a concluding Chapter by invitation for reflections. Worked well /r WW

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  2. Great idea Chris. I’ll give it some thought and see if I can come up with something worthy of your book. John Murphy and I always regretted not submitting something to Rich Graham when he edited his book “ Stories, tales, & Legends” It was such a wonderful collection of tales. Stay well. Buz


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